Fall 2014 Teaching Assistants

Who are the Teaching Assistants?

  • Volunteers! 

  • High-achieving NMU students with valuable perspectives on a wide variety of majors and student experiences.

  • Individuals that have expressed sincere interest in helping incoming students

Why do they do it?

They want to...

  • Help in the UN100 Freshman Seminar course.
  • Interact and mentor incoming students
  • Share their experiences
  • Gain presentation and instructing experience
  • Work with NMU faculty 


FYE Teaching Assistants Fall 2014


Kaitlin Anderson

Major: English and Writing with a Minor in Psychology​

Hometown: Calumet, MI​

Favorite NMU Memory: Working in the Writing Center; wonderful people are met every day, when people actually come in!​

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Allison Anderson

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Evansville, Wisconsin

Favorite NMU Memory: Getting my acceptance letter into NMU’s Nursing program – I was ecstatic! 

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Katie Arthur

Major: Criminal Justice & Behavior Analysis, Psychology

Hometown: Brighton, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Being able to see the Northern Lights!

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Clarissa Bean

Clarissa Bean

Major: Social Work

Favorite NMU Memory: She volunteers her time with the homeless shelter here in Marquette, Room at the Inn. She is actively involved on campus as the President of Student Social Work Organization (SSWO), a Sociology tutor for All Campus Tutoring, a Student Ambassador for the Admissions office, and a member of the Social Work Educational Enrichment Team (SWEET).In her free time, Clarissa enjoys spending time outside camping, hiking, four-wheeling, going to the beach, and spending time with her poodle, Bentley. 






Austin Beattie

Major: Communication Studies

Hometown: Holland, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: After a few years off from NMU, I re-enrolled and declared a new major. I was sitting surrounded by books and coffee in the library one late night and realized how much I like what I'm studying. I found happiness in writing papers and reading. Realizing I was in the perfect major and that I enjoy being at NMU amplified my fondness for midnight hikes up Sugarloaf, bike rides on the Marquette trails, and countless shenanigans with friends and NMU organizations I’ve been involved with like Halverson Hall Student Government, the former NMU Foundation Student Call Center, Greek Council, and Tau Kappa Epsilon.


Justin Berkel

Major: Media Production and New Technology

Hometown: Ishpeming, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Being a TA for the Freshman Seminar program last fall.  Having the opportunity to introduce NMU to new people, network with the freshman, and assisting those that want to take full advantage of what Northern has to offer.


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Kelly Both

Major: Social Work with a Minor in German

Hometown: Streamwood, Illinois

Favorite NMU Memory: Doing Make a Difference Day every year.  The first time I did it I was super grumpy and sleepy in the beginning, and I would have much rather been sleeping and warm under my covers.  I am so glad I did it though, because as the morning crept on it turned out to be a wonderful day filled with lots of laughter and new friends… And we got to help a couple people in the process! 

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Chandler Countryman

Major: Biology

Hometown: Peachtree City, GA

Favorite NMU memory: NMU volunteer abroad trip to Ecuador.

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Maria Daavettila

Major: Health and Fitness Management

Hometown: Hartland, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: My Freshman year of college was by far the most memorable moment of my college career. Leaving home and driving several hours to arrive at NMU was terrifying and yet so exciting. I fell in love with the town of Marquette and soon after that, grew to love the school. The individuals I met were so welcoming and recourseful that I will never forget the comfort I felt as an incoming Freshman. Even as a Junior, the people here at NMU are the greatest!

I would recommended this school to anyone :)


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Kelsey Ferguson

Major: History

Hometown: Midland, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Late night bonfires at Little Presque in the fall or near the end of winter semester. These were the times it was unmistakable how lucky we all are to go school in such a beautiful place. Northern Naturally! 


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Melinda Fithian

Major: Criminal Justice 

Hometown: Birmingham, MI​

FAvorite NMU Memory: Having late night bonfires on the beach with my house, playing games and watching the northern lights​.

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Amanda Flifet

Major: Music Education

Hometown: Sheldon, WI

Favorite NMU Memory: It is difficult to choose a single memory from NMU!

Any time spent with the Marching Band is wonderful, but nothing beats the entire band leaning on one another, singing "Hail Northern"  after the last game of the season.  (Of course Dr. Grugin doing a handstand afterwards is pretty awesome too!)

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Mikenzie Frost

Major: Mulitmedia Journalism with minors in Art & Design; Criminal Justice

Hometown: Dearborn, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: When I found out that figure skating finally was going to be a club sport!

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Emma Hagman

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Rapid River, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Hiking Sugarloaf with my Hall (Payne)

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Samantha Hamrick

Major: Biology

Hometown: New Boston, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: NMU has given me so many great memories including all the awesome clubs and organizations, meeting some of my best friends, and living in the most beautiful place in the world.

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Danielle Hellios

Major: Social Work with a Human Behavior Cluster Minor

Hometown: McHenry, IL

Favorite NMU Memory: Walking the breakwall to the lighthouse on Lake Superior with friends

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Elizabeth Hendricks

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Muskegon, Michigan

Favorite NMU Memory: Finding out that my Grandma was in remission and celebrating with my friends from the Studio house in West Hall.

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Gwendolyn Hoenke

Major: Secondary Education Math and Spanish​

Hometown: Marquette, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: When I got to meet the speed-skater and NMU Alumni, Jordon Malone, and hold his silver and bronze Olympic medals. ​ 

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Saige James

Major: Community Health with a minor in Biology​

Hometown:Wauconda, Illinois​

Favorite NMU Memory: Being on Orientation Staff in 2013. I learned so much about the school, town, other people, and myself!


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Kaitlyn Jones

Major: Environmental Studies and Sustainability with a minor in Earth Science

Hometown: New Boston, MI

Favorite NMU MemoryGoing out to Sugarloaf at night and seeing just how many stars are visible up here.



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Katie Joseph

Major: International Studies major

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: My first time jumping from Black Rocks


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Keara Kangas

Major: Psychology, Grad Prep

Hometown: Gwinn, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Haunted Hay Ride at the Marquette Fair Ground, this was my FYE class's service project last year. It was a blast, we scared some people, painted faces, and ran the concession stand. We had so much fun and my FYE class this year can expect to enjoy the fun this year!


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Allison Kirchner

Major: Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Hometown: Toledo Ohio

Favorite NMU Memory: Walking a mile out on to the ice on Lake Superior in early February and being able to see down to the bottom of the lake.


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Katherine Klutts

Major: Biology/Physiology Emphasis

Hometown: Lake Linden, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Watching the sunset on the beach at Little Presque Isle. 


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Hannah Krohn

Major: Elementary Education, Math Major

Hometown: Port Huron, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Playing outside in the courtyard during a torrential downpour my freshman year. During the first weekend of the semester we were hit with a massive rain storm, so the only logical thing to do was go run around in the rain. Kids were slip and sliding in giant mud puddles. I had so much fun doing this and I was extremely excited when I got to replicate it as an RA with my residents this past fall.


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Kara Lampinen

Major: Speech Pathology with a minor in Sociology

Hometown: Cary, IL

Favorite NMU Memory: Volunteered abroad in Belize for spring break, being actively involved in Superior Edge, and being part of the Student Leadership Fellowship Program. In her free time Kara likes to play wallyball, listen to music, hike up Sugarloaf, have bonfires on the beach, and do anything outdoors.

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Brooke Linn

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Jorie Lintz

​Major: Nursing​

Hometown: De Pere, Wisconsin​

Favorite NMU Memory: Camping at Top of the World with friends and hiking and cliff jumping at Dead River Falls.​

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Madison Macek

Major:  Elementary Special Education​

Hometown: Plymouth, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: when I jumped off of Black Rocks at Presque Isle for the first time! Such a great experienceW

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Rachel Mann

Major: Secondary English Ed.

Hometown: Lino Lakes, MN

Favorite NMU Memory: My favorite NMU memory is the volunteer abroad trip to Belize! We spent a week volunteering at an elementary school, helping teach classes and play with the kids. It was an absolutely incredible experience!

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Kayla McIntyre

Major: Elementary Education Major with a double minor in Mathematics and Integrated Science

Hometown: Litchfield, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: all of the different times I have hiked Sugarloaf Mountain with my friends. Marquette is so beautiful, and I have been reminded every time I go up that mountain.​ 

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Michael Metcalf

Major: English and Minor in Art ​

Hometown: Lansing, MI​

Favorite NMU Memory: Probably when Mustard Plug played on campus my freshman year​ 

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LaRon Moore

Major: Psychology Training and Performance Development

Hometown:Detroit, MI 

Favorite NMU Memory: was me graduating  class of 2012


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Troy Morris

Major: Psychology/Behavioral Analysis

Hometown: Johnsburg, IL

Favorite NMU Memory: Being the president of Hunt Hall as we competed in Homecoming 2013; through the Step Competition, Dead River Games, Homecoming Court Competition, the Parade, and finally, learning that Hunt Hall had won Homecoming at the NMU Game Day. Was a great opportunity to meet and work with those I live with, as well as enjoy and participate with all of the Wildcat pride.

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Ellyn Oswald

Major: Secondary Education with a minor in Health

Hometown: Bark River, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Burying a time capsule at the end of my freshmen year.​

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Kiersten Patron

Major: Art and Design, Graphic Communication 

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Favorite NMU Memory: Napping in an eno in the sculpture walk.​

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Megan Piertruszewski

Major: Biology

Hometown: Champlin, Minnesota

Favorite NMU Memory:  Hiking Sugarloaf for the first time with my house and seeing the breathtaking view as the sun was setting.

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Carley Rausch

Major: BSN Nursing Program

Hometown: Mundelein, Illinois

Favorite NMU Memory: I love spending my spare time horseback riding or doing anything that involves animals, reading, enjoying the outdoors especially the beaches of Lake Superior! I love Marquette winters, even when they are still in full force in the middle of April

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Elizabeth Ridge

Major: Neuroscience/ Pre-Med

Hometown: Clarskton, MI

Favorite NMU Memory:Doing homework with friends in my hammock on a sunny day.

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Shannon Rogers

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Winfield,IL

Favorite NMU Memory: Hiking out at Harlow Lake and cooking Easter dinner with friends.

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Emily Ross

Major: Forensic Biochemistry and maybe a minor in Criminal Justice

Hometown:Ely, Iowa

Favorite NMU Memory: When my house went on a hike at Presque isle to watch the sunset and we also played in the snow on the frozen lake.


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Molly Schaller

Major: Pre-Nursing

Hometown: Onalaska, Wisconsin

Favorite NMU Memory: The first time I hiked up Sugarloaf to watch the sunrise

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Mitchell Sevigny

Major(s): Political Science & Economics

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Traveling to Toronto, Canada to participate in the NAMUN Conference for NMU Model U.N.

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Nicole Shoup

Major: Biology

Hometown: Martin, Michigan 

Favorite NMU Memory: The time my house and I hiked Hogback. We got up just fine, then got lost on our way back down for over 3 hours. And, it started to rain! It sounds awful but it was actually really fun and a great bonding experience for all of us.

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Mindy Stubbs

Major: Communication Studies

Hometown: Lake Orion, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Being able to incorporate my love for the outdoors in my classes and my personal studies. I knew prior to coming to NMU I was going to receive a different college experience because of the access we have here to such natural beauty. I love that I can take classes like fly fishing, snowshoeing and hiking, but also love that I can set my hammock up along the lake and study peacefully for an exam. Any free time I have, I am always trying to incorporate the outdoors and have made so many great memories exploring new grounds with friends.

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Katie Stumman

Major: Photography (BFA)

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Favorite NMU Memory: Cliff jumping for the first time into Lake Superior

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Reagan Tummons

Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Hockey games! They're fun and exciting to go to! 

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Marissa Turturro


Major: Athletic Training

Hometown: Lake Villa, Il

Favorite NMU Memory: The first time I got to go cliff jumping at Black Rocks.​

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Shaley Valentine

Major: Zoology with a Chemistry minor

Hometown: Hudsonville, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: Going to St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands with a group of marine biology students and a professor to snorkel and research marine animals for Spring Break.​

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Mandy Wendrick

Major: Social Work, Minor: Human Behaviors

Hometown: Marquette, Michigan

Favorite NMU Memory: Meeting such great people in my Freshman Seminar class my very first semester. Those are still some of my good friends, and I am so grateful I had such a wonderful class to spend my first semester with.

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Emily Wright

Major: Pre-Law/Economics

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Favorite NMU Memory: Riding the city bus with my roommate and friend to go shopping!

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Nicholas Wujcik

Major: Athletic Training 

Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI

Favorite NMU Memory: probably cliff jumping for the first time


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