Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress

As a college student receiving financial aid, you must understand your school's policy toward satisfactory academic progress, or SAP. What this means in the most basic terms is that you must meet certain academic standards each semester and each year that demonstrate you are getting closer to attaining your degree in order to continue to be eligible for financial aid. Schools vary slightly in their exact standards. At Northern Michigan University, a student must meet the minimum grade point averages outlined in the university bulletin. For most students, this minimum would be a 2.0 GPA, but there are variations so familiarize yourself with the required GPA minimum for your situation. NMU students must also complete and receive a passing grade in 67 percent of all courses attempted in a full academic year. They must also not surpass the 150 percent mark of their degree program's total required credit hours.

Failure to meet these standards can cause students to temporarily or permanently lose financial aid eligibility. If there are special health or personal circumstances for not meeting the standards, an appeals process is available. Click here to read NMU's Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. The videos below further explain the elements of SAP and how each may impact your financial aid eligibility. The videos were created and produced by NMU students for NMU students; special thanks to Dr. Dwight Brady's BC 473-F: Advanced Media Production-Field Television Production class.

Understanding NMU's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy