College Comparison Calculator

Every college tells you its tuition, fees and housing rates. What isn’t so easy to compare is what you’ll actually pay after you’ve figured in your financial aid package, expenses related to your major and choices about housing and other activities.

Your budget is as individual as you are. By answering the following questions you’ll be able to compare your estimated bottom–line price for the colleges you’re considering. With this tool, we have tried to be as complete as possible in anticipating most of the major costs and sources of financial support. Your actual out-of-pocket expenses may vary with your own situation and preferences.

How to use this tool:

Step 1

When you get to college some of your professors will advise you to review the entire test before starting to answer the questions. We advise you to do the same with this cost-comparison calculator. Doing so before starting to input the numbers will assist you in knowing what rates, fees and figures you’ll need to look for at the institutions other than NMU.

  • Section 1 – Academic costs
  • Section 2 – University-wide fees
  • Section 3 – Technology costs
  • Section 4 – On-campus room and board
  • Section 5 – Financial aid – grants and scholarships
  • Section 6 – Financial aid – self help and student loans

Final cost comparison chart

As you review the sections, click on the links that provide more detailed information about what the fees entail and where you might find information about them on university Web sites.

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Step 2:

Your first step for using the cost-comparison calculator tool is for you to print out a worksheet for each school you'd like to consider. You will need as many of these figures within the calculator chart as you can find to get an accurate out-of-pocket cost. You do not need to do a worksheet for NMU as we will provide costs for you.

Print worksheet

Once you have the worksheets, go to the institution’s Web site and begin exploring costs. Fill in as many areas of the worksheet as appropriate for that school. You may also find cost information in an institution’s printed admissions materials.

Once you have completed worksheets for each school of interest, move on to step 3.

Step 3

OK. So, now we’re ready to begin inputting data into the cost calculator.  We’ll start by asking some basic questions. Let's get started!