Incoming Freshman Scholarships

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There are NMU Foundation scholarships available for incoming freshmen. Admitted students considering NMU are able to apply for the scholarships to help make their time at NMU even more affordable. 

For more information about these scholarships, including financial need required, origin, NMU contact and other requirements, visit the Donor-Funded Scholarships Database.

Scholarships available only to Upper Peninsula students include,

  • Albin and Madeline Nesberg Scholarship -- One $5,000 (approximately) for incoming students
  • Sylvia C. and Arnold M. Cohodas Scholarship -- One $5,000 (approximately) for incoming students
  • Krummrei - King Scholarship -- One covers tuition, room and board, books and fees
  • James Wills Scholarship -- One $750 approx.
  • Matthew Worthington Memorial Scholarship -- One $500 each year
  • John Rolando Scholarship -- $5,000/student each year, multiple available
  • Myrle E. Wahtera Memorial Scholarship -- One $650 approx.
  • Bernard LaBonte Scholarship -- One $930 approx.
  • Yolanda M. Kline Scholarship -- One $520 approx. 
  • James T. Malsack Scholarship -- Two $1860 approx. 
  • Hilma Pynnonen VanEerden Scholarship -- One $1450 approx.
  • James Allen Scholarship -- Up to $7,000/year or $3,500 per semester (availability varies)
  • Hinda Cunningham Music Scholarship -- One $1000 (approximately) scholarship 
  • Sarah C. and Jacob B. Casper Scholarship -- One $5,000 (approximately)
  • Elise Conway Pellow Scholarship -- One $2500 (awarded every four years to a new student)

Scholarships for students in all geographic locations include, 

  • Shirley and John Berry Annual Scholarship -- Two $5,000 (approximately) scholarships
  • Steelcase Inc. Urban Scholars Endowment -- One $1,000 (approximately)

Learn more about these scholarships in the Donor-Funded Scholarships Database.

Please contact the admissions office for more information. 906-227-2650 |