The Educational Policy Committee has three principal responsibilities:

Academic Planning (Article 3.3.2)

The Educational Policy Committee and the Academic Senate provide the cornerstones for shared governance at Northern Michigan University.  The Academic Senate is primarily concerned with the curriculum whereas the Educational Policy Committee as a broader mandate to advise the Faculty and Administration on a range of issues from long and short term planning to staffing to the allocation of academic resources.

Review Curricular Resource Needs (Article

Curriculum proposals approved by the Academic Senate that will require additional support are referred to the Educational Policy Committee.  In particular, when recommendations of the Academic Senate would result in an addition or reduction in faculty, whether adjunct, term, or tenure track, the recommendations must be submitted to EPC as well.

Review Major Program Changes (Article

Recommendations for curriculum or academic program changes, which entail or would result in reductions or reallocations of existing academic positions and/or programs for reasons other than financial exigency, must be submitted to the EPC for review.

The complete set of EPC responsibilities can be found here.