English MA

Does this fact page tell me everything I need to know about NMU's English Graduate and Teaching Assistantships and Fellowships?
No. This fact page simply skims over the vital points of the programs. If you have specific questions, email the Director of English Graduate Studies, Russ Prather, at rprather@nmu.edu, or MFA Director, Monica McFawn, at monrobin@nmu.edu.

What is a Graduate Assistantship?
A graduate assistantship or a teaching assistantship provides a tuition scholarship for eight credits per semester and a $9,076 stipend. Graduate Assistants (GAs) and Teaching Assistants (TAs) perform various tasks in the English Department. For instance, GAs typically work in the Writing Center, with Passages North, in the Language Lab, or in the Center for Native American Studies, while TAs normally teach one section of EN 111 College Composition or EN 090 Basic Composition each semester. Beyond tuition and pay, GAs and TAs gain invaluable experience that will be helpful when planning to teach or work at the community college or university level.

How Long do Assistantships Last?
Assistants usually are given a one year contract, renewable for an additional academic year. At the end of the second year, MA students who have not completed their degree will not be allowed to renew their assistantship. MFA students are given a one year contract, renewable for an additional two academic years.

How do you Apply for an Assistantship?
To apply for an assistantship or fellowships, click HERE