Special Topics and Course Descriptions

Fall 2016

EN 385: Stratford Festival

Instructors: Professor David Wood, Department of English dwood@nmu.edu

 & Associate Professor Chet Defonso, Department of History


This class will be offered as part of the Fall 2016 semester course offerings, but our travel will take place during the week just before the regular Fall 2016 semester begins. Students may thus take advantage of NMU’s flat rate tuition plan. For more information, please follow this link. In order to apply for participation in this course, we are requiring interested students to submit a letter of application (maximum 500 words), explaining how participating in this class fits into their respective educations at NMU and plans for the future. The deadline for the letter of application is Friday, January 29, by 5pm, and it should be sent as a Word attachment via email to dwood@nmu.edu


EN 512:  Teaching Literature

Contemporary Edge, Classic Knowledge: The Essential Role of the Humanities in 21st Century Education

Instructor:  Professor Lisa Eckert, Department of English, leckert@nmu.edu

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Winter 2017

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