Full-time Faculty

*Contact the English Department at English@nmu.edu or 906-227-2711 for information about adjunct instructors and graduate assistants.

Matt Bell
Assistant Professor
242 Gries Hall
Phone:  906-227-1758
E-mail:  matbell@nmu.edu

Jon Billman
Assistant Professor

243 Gries Hall
Phone: TBA
E-mail: jbillman@nmu.edu

David Boe
Associate Professor

220 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2677
E-mail: dboe@nmu.edu

Gabriel Brahm
Associate Professor

222 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1690
E-mail: gbrahm@nmu.edu

Sandra Burr
Associate Professor
264 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1650
E-mail: sburr@nmu.edu

Lisa Eckert
Assistant Professor
255 Gries Hall
Phone:  906-227-1828
E-mail:  leckert@nmu.edu

Matthew Frank
Assistant Professor
238 Gries Hall
Phone:  906-227-1840
E-mail:  mfrank@nmu.edu

Dan Gocella
Assistant Professor
226 Gries Hall
Phone:  906-227-1801
E-mail:  dgocella@nmu.edu

Peter Goodrich

219 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1635
E-mail: pgoodric@nmu.edu

Nathaniel Greenberg
Assistant Professor

210 Gries Hall
Phone: TBA
E-mail: ngreenbe@nmu.edu

J. Marek Haltof

217 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1726
E-mail: mhaltof@nmu.edu

Amy Hamilton
Assistant Professor

257 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1724
E-mail: amyhamil@nmu.edu

Jennifer Howard
Director of MFA Program and Associate Professor

239 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1750
E-mail: jenhowar@nmu.edu

Austin Hummell

263 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1642
E-mail: ahummell@nmu.edu

Ronald Johnson

211 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1651
E-mail: rojohnso@nmu.edu

Jamie Kuehnl

204 Gries Hall
Phone:  906-227-2793
E-mail:  jkuehnl@nmu.edu

Lesley Larkin
Assistant Professor

241 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1794
E-mail: llarkin@nmu.edu

Paul Lehmberg

253 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2009
E-mail: plehmber@nmu.edu

Z. Z. Lehmberg

265 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2778
E-mail: zlehmber@nmu.edu

Josh MacIvor-Andersen
Assistant Professor

213 Gries Hall
Phone:  906-227-1675
E-mail:  jmacivor@nmu.edu

Jason Markle
Assistant Professor

216 Gries Hall
Phone:  906-227-1637
E-mail:  jmarkle@nmu.edu

Beverly Matherne

259 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1386
E-mail: bmathern@nmu.edu

James McCommons

215 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2674
E-mail: jmccommo@nmu.edu

Elizabeth Monske
Associate Professor
260 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1631
E-mail: emonske@nmu.edu

Russell Prather
Director of MA Program and Professor

225 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2857
E-mail: rprather@nmu.edu

Kia Richmond

262 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2713
E-mail: krichmon@nmu.edu

Diane Sautter

261 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1387
E-mail: dsautter@nmu.edu

Jaspal Singh

224 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1832
E-mail: jsingh@nmu.edu

Mark Smith

254 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2676
E-mail: masmith@nmu.edu

John Smolens

237 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1796
E-mail: jsmolens@nmu.edu

Laura Soldner
Director of Composition and Professor

258 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2672
E-mail: lsoldner@nmu.edu

Heidi Stevenson
Assistant Professor

232 Gries Hall
Phone:  906-227-2762
E-mail:  hstevens@nmu.edu

Ray Ventre
Department Head and Professor
228 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2222
E-mail: rventre@nmu.edu

Robert Whalen

206 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2678
E-mail: rwhalen@nmu.edu

David Wood
Associate Professor

209 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2112
E-mail: dwood@nmu.edu