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  • Absence Reporting Form (e-form) - to be used when faculty member will either be missing class or moving the class to another location.
  • Automatic Withdrawal for Non-Attendance (e-form) - to be used for students who do not attend any class sessions the first full week of classes. This form is usually due the second Tuesday of the semester.
  • Change of Grade Form
  • Composition Instructor Handbook
  • Incident Report Form - to report unacceptable student conduct.
  • Incomplete Grade Form - NEW PROCESS - when you give a student an "I" grade when submitting grades on the Faculty Services Tab, once you are done, click on the "Incomplete" link next to the final grade link on the faculty services tab.  This will give you an online form to fill out for each student you gave an "I" grade. When the student has completed the work and you need to grade them, use a Change of Grade form above.

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