Ian Fox wins SITA Award

Electronics Engineering Technology Senior Wins $750 SITA Award


Ian Fox, a senior in NMU’s Electronics Engineering program, won the 2013 Technology Innovation Award for Students. This award recognizes exemplary student use of technology in academic studies and carries a $750.00 cash prize. His entry was a custom-designed electronic printed circuit board (PCB) that he created as part of his Senior Design Project.


The PCB that Fox created is made of copper plated fiberglass. He used CADSoft Eagle design software running on his NMU mobile device to design the layout of all electronic components to be interconnected on the PCB. Fox used the software to create a blueprint of the board by creating a virtual layout of the components and connections that would need to be included. This process that required a lot of time and editing to achieve the most orderly connections possible. The blueprint was then translated into an actual board to use in the project.



This PCB board is the driving portion of the team’s Senior Project this year which automates a diorama at Marquette’s Maritime Museum. This diorama recreates a WWII sea battle and synchronizes an audio sound track with a visual display using hundreds of light emitting diodes. This compact project replaced a large computer system that was previously used by the museum.    The Museum used this new system during the 2013 opening season.


Ian_and_board.jpgThe Technology Innovation Award committee is now seeking applications for 2014. The deadline for application is Friday, March 7, 2014. Applications may be submitted by any current NMU student or student team. For more information, please visit: www.nmu.edu/InnovationAward.