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The Engineering Technology Department takes no responsibility for positions listed on this page.  This is simply a listing of employers who have contacted us looking for either full-time employees or interns.  Listings are in chronological order with the most recent inquiries first.  Listings are generally dropped after 6 months without special requests from the employer.  Listings may be removed sooner if requested by the employer.  Listings are entirely at the discretion of the Engineering Technology Department.

Herman Miller

Holland, Zeeland MI & more locations


Full-time Positions

Neogen Corporation

Lansing MI

Electronics Technician

Job Description & Apply

Posted 13 Nov 14

Burton Industries

Ironwood MI

Looking for Electrical Test Engineer, Electronics Technician, Machine Operator

Introductory Letter / Application 

Career Opportunities

Posted 28 Oct 14

GS Engineering

Houghton MI

Looking for Engineering Designers

Job Description

Apply - http://www.gsengineering.com/get-touch/careers

or email resume - careers@gsengineering.com

Posted 24 Oct 14





Shelby Township MI

Looking for service technicians (electrical)

Contact: Shane Liekhus




Posted 10 Oct 14


Jim's Music

Marquette MI

Looking for Electronics/amp repair technician

Contact: Jeff Krebs



Burton Industries

Ironwood MI

Looking for Electronic Technicians & Test Engineer

Contact: Christine Brees


Posted 14 Aug 14



Brillion, Wisconsin

Looking for MET & Industrial Technologies

More information and apply

Contact: Bonnie Anderson


Posted 24 July 14


Ashland High School

Ashland WI

Looking for Tech Ed Teacher

Job Description / Application

Contact Greg Posewitz -  715.682.7089 ext 1001

Posted 13 Jun 14

Johnson & Berry Manufacturing

L'anse MI

Looking for CNC Machinist

Job Description

Employment Application

Mail Employment Application to:

Johnson and Berry Manufacturing, Inc.
15442 Roth Road
L'anse, MI 49946

Posted 22 May 2014


New Ulm Public Schools

New Ulm MN

Looking for - IT Teacher - Mechatronics / engineering

Contact - Jeff Bertrang

​Posted 22 May 2014


Electric Scientific Company

Marquette MI

Looking for - Electrical Field Technician


Email Resume

Posted 1 May 14

Neogen Corporation​

Lansing, MI 

Looking for - Electronics Technician

Apply Here

Posted 1 May 14

Dana Holding Corporation

St Clair MI

Looking for Summer Intern - Engineering

Contact -  Phone 810-740-2088

Posted 1 May 14

Circuit Control Corporation

Petoskey MI

Looking for Permanent Employees - Electrical Engineer & Manufacturing Engineer

Contact: Laura Kemp Human Resources 

​Posted 21 Apr 14


Eagle Mine

Humbolt MI

Looking for Electrical and Instrument (E&I) Technician 

Job Posting

Posted 17 Apr 14


Waukee High School

Waukee Iowa

Looking for Technology Education educator

Job Posting

Posted:  11 Apr 14

Oldenburg Group

Kingsford MI ( and several others UP & northern WI)

Looking for Permanent Employees / Interns - EET / MET / Eng Design

Contact - David Dziewior

Posted 20 Mar 14

RealTime Utility Engineers

Madison WI

Looking for Permanent Employees / Interns - Power Tech /  EET

Contact - Stephanie Severn

Posted 20 Mar 14

Fosber America Inc.

Green Bay WI 

Looking for Permanent Employee - Industrial Electrical

Contact - Marissa Selner

(Company is in Green Bay but you could live in UP - this is a traveling position)

Posted 20 Mar 14

Circuit Control Corporation

Petoskey MI

Looking for Summer Interns - Electrical & Mechanical

Contact: Laura Kemp Human Resources 

​Posted 19 Feb 14

Electric Scientific Company

Marquette MI

Looking for - permanent employee 2 yr electrical degree

Job Posting

Posted 18 Feb 14

Michigan Scientific Corporation

Charlevoix MI

Looking for - Summer Interns - Electrical

Contact - HR 

Posted 13 Feb 14

KS Kolbenschmidt US, Inc.

Marinette, WI

Looking for - Summer Interns - Mechanical

Conact - HR Department

Posted 13 Feb 14

Burton Industries

Ironwood MI

Looking for - Summer Interns - Electrical 

Contact - Christine Brees 

Posted 13 Feb 14

Company - Barton Malow Company

Looking for - Electrical Engineer

Contact - Stephen M Hunter steve.hunter@bartonmalow.com 

Posted 23 Jan 14

Company - Fairbanks Natural Gas

Looking for - 4 CAD guys

Contact - Chris Gillespie -  CGillespie67@gmail.com

Posted 17 Jan 14

Company - Marble Arms

Looking for - MET / Engineering Design

Location - Gladstone MI

Contact - see job description

Posted 8 Jan 14

Company - PowerWorks LLC

Looking for Electrical Power (Windplant technician)

Location - Mt Home Idaho

Contact - see job description

Posted 8 Jan 14

Company:  PNL Development

Looking for Engineering Design - immediate hire or December Grad

Location - Oscoda MI

Contact: Don Rhien (DRHEIN@PL_Dev.com)

Company:  Circuit Controls Corporation

Looking for: Summer Intern - electrical w/ PLC

Located in Petosky MI 

Please contact the department if interested.

Posted:  13 Nov 2013

Company:  RTI Surgical (formerly Pioneer Surgical)

Looking for:  Interns

Position Description for Engineering Test Laboratory

Position Description for Design Engineer

Posted 25 Oct 2013

Company:  Gwinn High School

Looking for:  Part-time Industrial Education Teacher

Job Posting

Company:  Great Lake Woods Inc - Holland MI

Looking for: CNC Programmer

Job Posting

See Website for application

Posted 23 Aug 2013

Company:  Neenah Paper Mill - Munising MI

Looking for:  Electrical and/or Instrumentation 

Contact:  kathy.hill@neenah.com

Posted 20 Aug 2013

Company:  MEGTEC Systems, Inc.

Looking for:  Industrial Electrical / Electronic Engineering

Job Posting - Field Service Representative, Field Service Engineer Preventive Maintenance

Website:  www.megtec.com

Posted 27 Jun 2013

Company:  Anderson Welding & Manufacturing Inc.

Looking for: Machinist / CNC Machinist

Job Posting

Posted 24 Jun 2013

Company : Powerworks

​Looking for:  Mechanical or Electrical Engineer

Job Posting

Website:  www.powerworks.com

Posted 24 Jun 2013

Company:  RamRod Industries LLC

Looking for: CNC Machinist

Job Posting

Posted 24 Jun 2013

Company: Online Engineering 

Looking for:  Machining / CNC Operation / CNC Programming / Engineering

Website:  www.online-engineering.com/employment.html

Posted 24 Jun 2013