Baja Team on Noquemanon Trail

Baja Team Members

Recently the NMU SAE Baja team along with members of the Negaunee Lions Club cleared 6 miles of cross-country ski trail for the Noquemanon Ski Marathon.  Club members participating were Jimmy Hilbrecht, Kyle St. John, Brad Richard, Chris Robinson, Dan Klim, and Ian Fox, along with faculty advisor Bob Marlor.

The Noquemanon Ski Marathon is a 30-mile point-to-point cross-country ski race that starts in Ishpeming and finishes in Marquette at NMU’s Superior Dome.  For the past two years, the Baja team has partnered with the Negaunee Lions Club to prepare this 6-mile section of the trail for the race in January.   In the fall, before the snow accumulates, the trail is cleared of brush and downed trees, of which there were several this year due to 50 mph winds in the last week of October.  In the few weeks leading up the race, the team packs the trail with snowmobiles, because the combination of steep hills and deep snow is too much for the large trail groomers to negotiate.

“The NMU SAE Baja team has become more involved with community service projects in recent years” notes faculty advisor Bob Marlor, “The students have found that community service projects not only benefit community organizations, they are a wonderful  team-building activity.  These students spend up to 10 hours a week working together intensively to design and build an off-road race car for national collegiate competitions.   It is nice to for the team members to occasionally get away from this huge project and get to know one another other in another setting.”