Interim Occupational Certificate

The Interim Occupational Certificate is valid for teaching in a state-approved career and technical education program (CTE).  To receive an Interim Occupational Certificate, a candidate must meet the requirements of one of the following two options.

Option 1 - IX and VT Certification

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education Industrial Technology, and
  2. Two years (4,000 hours) of recent (within the past 6 years) and relevant work experience in a specific occupational area (below).
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Option 2 - VT Certification

  1. Bachelor Degree in any area of concentration, and
  2. Successful completion of courses TE350*and ED440*, and
  3. Two years (4,000 hours) of recent (within the past 6 years) and relevant work experience in a specific occupational area (below).

*TE 350 - Methods and Materials in Industrial Technology Education, 3 credits

* ED 440 - Secondary Student Teaching, 3 credits (three weeks)

Both courses may be offered via the web.


Approved Classified Instructional Programs for Vocational Technical teaching endorsement and Interim Occupational Certificates are:

  1. Airframe Technology
  2. Automobile Technician (NATEF Certified)
  3. Building Maintenance
  4. Collision Repair Technician (NATEF Certified)
  5. Construction Trades
  6. Drafting & Design Technology
  7. Electrical/Electronics Equipment Installation and Repair General
  8. Electrical and Power Transmission Installation
  9. Electro-Mechanical Technology
  10. Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration
  11. Industrial Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  12. Industrial Production Technician
  13. Machine Tool Operation/Machine Shop
  14. Power Plant Technology (Aircraft)
  15. Precision Production Trades General
  16. Small Engine & Related Equipment Repair
  17. Welding, Brazing and Soldering
  18. Woodworking General

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