Biking Professors

Faculty Enjoy Biking to Work

Two NMU Engineering Technology faculty members, Bob Marlor and Jack Gumaer, can often be seen pedaling their bicycles to work at NMU's Jacobetti Complex on most days. Bob and JackWhat began as a challenge many years ago to cycle the most days has turned into a habit. Both professors ride for a variety of reasons including incorporating fresh air and exercise into their daily routine, and making a commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle.

"I started riding to work several years ago in response to rapidly rising gasoline prices", notes Bob Marlor, "but now I ride because I enjoy the fresh air and exercise, the money savings is a secondary consideration."

Jack Gumaer agrees commenting, "Initially, I began riding in response to an increase in campus parking fees but quickly discovered many non-financial benefits in cycling to work such as exercise and convenience."