Meeting Minutes for September 9, 2004

Campus Master Plan Committee
Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2004

Present: Jim Thams, Mike Truscott, Tom Meravi, Carl Holm, Daryl Delongchamp, Gavin Leach

Absent: Steve DeGoosh, ASNMU Representative, Ken Chant, Paul Duby

Guest: Mike Roy

1. Minutes of April 28, 2004 were accepted as written.

2. Magers Hall & New Student Apartments
Mike Roy provided an overview of the proposed student apartments and the renovation to Magers Hall, both of which are being recommended for approval at the October, 2004 Board of Trustee meeting. The Magers Hall project, with approval from the board, would begin in December (update: current start date is March, 2005). and be complete within three months. Current budget is $6 million. The New Student Apartments would begin May 2005 and be complete fall 2006

3. Ripley Heat Plant
Mike Roy provided an overview of a study being prepared by Cummings and Barnard, an engineering consulting firm, on alternative fuel sources for the Heating Plant boilers. One alternative includes the use of wood chips as a fuel source.

4. Curriculum of the Future
Mike Roy reviewed the possibility of having a formal update to the Campus Master Plan as part of the President’s aim to review the “Curriculum of the Future”. Many of the concepts of the current plan have been realized and some need to be reviewed and updated. This project will be reviewed again in the spring of 2005.

5. Current Capital Outlay Request
The Cohodas renovation project is the number one capital outlay request and includes the first four floors of the building to support several new programmatic needs for the academic departments that are scheduled to move into the available space. The academic departments include: Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Business, U.P. Center for Economic Development, and AAUP. Also included are general-purpose classrooms in close proximity to faculty and departmental offices.

Daryl Delongchamp asked if the new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDS) standards would be considered during design of Cohodas. Mike Roy stated they will be incorporated into the design and they are now a requirement for State funded projects.

6. Magers Hall Sloped Roof
a. Carl Holm provided an overview of the sloped roof proposed for Magers Hall. Last year’s review of the design included a flat roof. Since this review the sloped roof has been incorporated to help improve aesthetics and provide an enclosed space to house roof top mechanical equipment. The roof is a 6/12-slope roof built with wood trusses, asphalt singles and dormers to help shed snow away from entrances.
General discussion took place regarding the sloped roof and all supported the design.
Motion Made: Carl Holm motioned to support the proposed roof design and seconded by Daryl Delongchamp. Motion carried.

a. Gavin would like the committee to review what different types of landscaping other University’s are using to help reduce maintenance costs.

Minutes prepared by Engineering and Planning