Opportunities with NMU Native Plant Area

native plant areaThe cycle for the NMU Native Plant Area begins with planting in the greenhouse in early March and April.  Plants are moved outside in June and are planted until August or September, depending on weather.  Seeds are then harvested between September and October depending on when the plant’s seeds mature.

Future projects for the Native Plant Area include placing permanent signage throughout the area, constructing a storage shed and wetland overlook and developing a permeable walkway.

If you are interested in donating time or materials to the Native Plant Area, please contact Dr. Ronald Sundell, NMU Department of Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences.

Dr. Ronald C. Sundell
Phone: (906) 227-1359
Email: rsundell@nmu.edu

You can also contact the Northern Michigan University Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Department at 906- 227-2500 or by e-mail at eegs@nmu.edu.

volunteers plantingIf you would like to make a monetary gift to help support the NMU Native Plant Area, contact Mary Crampton of the NMU Foundation at foundtn@nmu.edu, 906- 227-2629 or visit online at www.nmu.edu/give.

Important to note: This is not just for students! This is a great way to learn and get involved if you are faculty, staff, a community member or just visiting. Volunteers are always welcome.