The Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Department faculty and staff cannot over-emphasize how important it is to meet with your academic adviser and to take personal responsibility for understanding your major plan of study. In addition to assisting students with their semester schedules, geography faculty advisers also do the following:

  • Keep an updated program planning sheet on file with completed coursework and grades for a student's reference.
  • Familiarize students with the concepts of course sequence, course prerequisites, major, minor and liberal studies requirements, double-counting, etc.
  • Review a student's degree audit and help to resolve any discrepancies.
  • Discuss internship, graduate school and career opportunities.

Summer and Fall 2018 Course Registration

Please be sure that you are prepared for next semester's course registration. The following resources are available to assist you:

  • EEGS Department Advising notes are available here.
  • Current Registration Book [PDF of draft course offerings for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018] are available at this link. Course details are subject to change.
  • The Advising Party will be Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in 3710 West Science.

Programs and Courses

For complete and current course offerings and descriptions please visit our Programs and Courses page and

GC 465 Hydrology will be offered in Fall 2018. For more details click here.