Higher Education in Student Affairs

Master of Arts
Higher Education in Student Affairs

chris greer

Many divisions of academic administration in typical higher education institutions are devoted solely to student affairs. This program will develop well-rounded practitioners able to deliver programs and services across higher education divisions. The courses and experiences are diverse and reflect the best of contemporary higher education and student affairs practice.

In preparing to enter a growing field, graduates of the program will learn organizational and leadership dynamics and student development theory and application. Their courses will have them identifying and examining, through writing and on-site engagement, a specific issue related to diversity (e.g. access, affirmative action, educational equity, etc.) in a higher education setting and participating in an internship that requires them to apply theory to practice.

Concentrations: This degree requires 25 credit hours of core subjects. However, it also allows students to tailor the program to their own needs and interests by requiring a further 11 hours of cognate credits. These courses can be completed through a number of graduate programs at Northern, with focuses on skills and competencies such as leadership, training and development, and finance.

This program is a good fit for students who like: 

  • Academic administration
  • Working with current college/university students
  • Creating and implementing programs
  • Working as a part of a team
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Taking initiative

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