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Mining Journal

President ‘beams in’ to local schools via wireless Internet

Air Force One Leaves Sawyer

Wireless Internet: A new frontier

The history of presidential visits

Obama address: Invite only rankles some students

Obama speech to promote plans for wireless expansion

Air Force One lands at Sawyer

Obama arrives in Marquette

Full text of President Barack Obama's speech

Areas to avoid today, where to watch the speech without an invite

Facilities closed for Obama visit

Obama Marquette itinerary includes stop at NMU

Obama visit set

President coming to Marquette


Eventful month for NMU

Reacting to President Obama's visit

A historic day for Marquette

A special lunch guest at Doncker's

Question of the Day: Proud to be a Yooper?

President applauds area's innovation in wireless technology

Obama speaks

Reaction to the President’s visit

Trying to shake the President's hand

Obama vists to praise U.P. technology

Thursday is the big day

WLUC planning heavy coverage of Obama visit

Broadband Internet in the U.P.

Preps underway for Obama visit

Update on President Obama's visit

Democrats excited about visit

GOP Chairman welcomes Obama to U.P.

Preparing for the President

Obama is coming to NMU, Marquette

Detroit News

Obama promotes plan for high-speed Internet access at NMU

Prepared remarks of President Barack Obama in Marquette

Reaction to Obama's visit NMU student: Mr. President, let us lead

Obama: Get U.S. on broadband track

Editorial: Shout-out to Marquette

Frigid temps forecast for Obama trip to Michigan's U.P.

Excited Marquette preps for Obama's Thursday visit

Political Insider: 'Dismemberment' better than death for state's budget

Heller: 'Dat dere Obama Yooper briefing, eh?'

Obama to promote WiFi plan in U.P.

Details of Obama's upcoming trip to U.P. released

White House

Remarks by the President on the National Wireless Initiative in Marquette, Michigan

Background on the President's Trip to Marquette, Michigan


President Obama Details Plan to Win the Future through Expanded Wireless Access

The Northwind

Obama’s interview over YouTube a brilliant move

Obama comes to NMU

Obama unveils wireless plan

Students torn about speech selection process

Obama’s visit a great moment for Marquette

USA Today

Obama to promote Northern Michigan University's WiMAX system

Digital Communities

Obama to Visit NMU - See First Hand Our Nation's Only Educational Broadband Service (EBS) Network

Daily Press

Obama warms up to U.P.

Obama speaks to crowd, kids

A day in Obama’s motorcade

Obama touts Marquette, Internet

Obama’s itinerary released


President Obama's speech at NMU

President Obama on the National Wireless Initative

President Obama Speaks at Northern Michigan University

President Barack Obama's Interactive TV Demonstration


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