Richmond Secures Grant

Kia RichmondDr. Kia Jane Richmond, Associate Professor of English - Secondary Education, has received a MEEMIC Foundation for the Future of Education mini-grant for $1,800 for a special academic service learning project with her English 350 methods course in Winter 2011.

The grant, called "Reaching/Teaching the Future," will allow Dr. Richmond's English Education students in English 350 (Materials and Methods of Teaching English) at Northern Michigan University to connect with middle and high schoool students in local schools in discussions focused on the life of an English teacher. Young adults and methods students will discuss what English teachers do, how they prepare for careers in education, and why individuals might become English teachers. EN 350 students will also join the Michigan Council of Teachers of English and interview local English teachers about how involvement in professional organizations enhances teaching identities and teacher efficacy.

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