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ED 495/595 Special Topics: Multicultural and Global Education: Peru

3 Credits

Summer 2008, June 14-July 5

Instructor: Dr. Rodney H. Clarken
Associate Dean of Teacher Education
Director School of Education, Leadership and Public Service and Professor
Whitman 179A, 906-227-1880

COURSE DESCRIPTION A study of culture and education in Peru to help develop multicultural and global perspectives for teachers. Students will spend three weeks in Peru where they will learn to apply their experience there to classroom learning, curricular and instructional design and planning.

1. To provide educators with an introduction to multicultural and global education through study and experiences in Peru.
2. To be able to understand, apply, analyze and evaluate the principles underlying multicultural and global education.
3. To identify the cultural, social, political, and economic realities related to education in Peru and compare to USA.
4. To recognize the interdependence and interrelations of Peru and Peruvians from transnational and global perspective.
5. To acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to help K-12 students develop a multicultural and global perspectives needed to learn and critically evaluate their own issues related to people who are different from them.
6. To help students embrace diversity and demonstrate a willingness to acknowledge the credibility of cultural differences, particularly those that challenge comfortable, long-held assumptions about teaching and learning.
7. To assist all students in fostering a socially and politically reconstructed view of how knowledge is developed around multicultural and global issues.
8. To recognize and begin to deal with cross-cultural similarities or connections, dispositions that support social justice and oppose inequity.

The instructional strategies designed to meet the objectives of are primarily experiential while in Peru, combined with lectures, readings, discussion, observations, guest presenters, experiential exercises, video tapes and other techniques to develop an understanding, commitment and ability to foster multicultural and global perspectives in elementary and secondary education.

Several sources will be used including texts, articles, Internet and handouts.

Program Fee:                    $3200
        Undergraduate:          $768
        Graduate:                  $915
Airfare Estimate:                $900
Passport:                          $97
**Spending Money Varies Person to Person.

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