Northern Michigan University’s Economics Department offers two annual awards: Outstanding Graduating Senior and the Adam Smith Prize. Both are selected by the faculty.

Outstanding Graduating Senior

Each year, the Economics Department recognizes an outstanding graduating senior, who is selected on the basis of his or her academic work, campus leadership and personal qualities.

For 2006-07, the economics faculty chose Andrew Larson of Marshfield, Wisc., as the department’s Outstanding Graduating Senior recipient. Larson graduated with a double major in economics and political science. He participated in such campus organizations as all Student Judiciary Students for Organ Donations and Mortar Board. He begins attending law school at the University of Wisconsin in fall 2007.

Adam Smith Prize

The Adam Smith Prize consists of a two-volume copy of Adam Smith's An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (Liberty Press), which is awarded to economics majors and minors at Northern Michigan University who earn an A in both EC 401 (Intermediate Microeconomics) and EC 402 (Intermediate Macroeconomics) courses taken at NMU.

No application is required and winners will be notified via e-mail to their NMU account. It is recommended that upon eligibility, the student should remind their EC 401 or EC 402 instructor of their interest in the Adam Smith Prize.