Commuter and Non-Traditional Students

Carpooling and Public Transportation 
Need a ride?  Willing to give a ride?  Want to save on gas?  There are many opportunities for carpooling on a daily basis and for weekend trips.  There is public transportation available to and from our campus. Located, near Wells Fargo in the University Center is a Commuter Connection Board with tips for commuters, and a place to post and find rides. You can also use one of the links below to obtain carpool connections that are available in the area. 

School Closings

Snow day? Call B-R-R-R line (906) 227-BRRR

Study Spots

  • Jamrich Hall (All three floors)
  • Hedgcock Atrium (3rd floor, in front of Melted)
  • Commons Area of Jacobetti Complex
  • University Center (Peter White Lounge, Front and Side Entrance areas, 2nd floor above bookstore)
  • PIEF (2nd floor)
  • DOME (near Cats Corner Store)

Microwave Locations

  • Commons Area* (Jacobetti Complex)
  • Outside Languages Lab* (Bottom Floor LRC)
  • 2nd Floor of Hedgcock* (Between Financial Aid and Admissions)
  • 3rd Floor of Hedgcock* (Next to Melted)
  • Art and Design Building* (Main Floor, Room 167)
  • PIEF Concessions
  • Veteran’s Lounge (3rd floor Hedgcock)

* These Locations also have Vending machines near

Campus Eats

Commuters can also purchase a meal plan!

*Visit Northern Michigan University Dining for a Full List

Get Involved
Getting involved with a student organization is the best way to meet new faces on campus! We have around 300 student organizations on campus, so there's something for everyone. Already have a great idea for a student organization that doesn't exist? Start a new one!


Campus Transportation 

Access Spending Money

  • ATM machines are in the University Center and Library Resource Center
  • Set up a CatCash account in The Wildcat Express Center, located at the University Center in room 1227

Locker Rentals

  • Full Semester Rental: Built in Lock - $25 Bottom Floor LRC (See Olsen Library Main Desk)
  • Short Term Borrow: Jacobetti Complex, PIEF Recreation Center, McClintock (See the Music Department)
    • Bring your own locks!
  • Lost Something? Contact Public Safety at (906)227-2151