Job Opportunities - Note Takers


The note taker must be a student at Northern Michigan University, must be interested in working with students with a disability, must be enrolled in at least six credits if they are an undergraduate or four credits if they are a graduate student, and maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

General Responsibilities

Assist the student who has a disability by attending every class session of the specified course, and by taking comprehensive and accurate notes (except during testing sessions). Notes given to the service recipient are to be only those made while the service recipient is actually in class.

It is the responsibility of the note taker to come to the DS office to:

  • pick up the appropriate carbonless (NCR) paper;
  • fill out the auxiliary aid agreement; and
  • fill out tax documents if they have never worked on campus in the past
Note takers must treat all information regarding the service recipient as confidential. Any questions regarding the service recipient should be referred to the coordinator of Disability Services at 906-227-1700 or the principal secretary at 906-227-1737.

Specific Responsibilities
  • Call or e-mail the service recipient and arrange a specific place to meet for the first time. Make arrangements to give the notes to the student.
  • Attend all classes and arrive in class at the appropriate time.
  • Be attentive and take comprehensive notes on the NCR paper provided or mobile device, if that is preferred. Write down all assignments and test/quiz dates. Date and number the pages.
  • If the student is late to class, begin a new page and give only those notes to the student. If the student is not in class, bring the notes to the Disability Services office at 2001 C.B. Hedgcock.
  • Contact the Disability Services office as soon as possible if you are unable to perform your note taking duties.
  • Call or stop by the Disabiltiy Services office if any concerns arise (906-227-1737; 2001 C.B. Hedgcock).