Job Opportunities - Test Readers

Disability Services hires students to proctor tests. Sometimes the proctor sits quietly ensuring the integrity of the testing. Other times the proctor may also need to read the test aloud to the student or may need to scribe the answers.
The test proctor for Disability Services students must be a student at Northern Michigan University; be interested in working with students with a disability; be enrolled in at least six credits if they are an undergraduate or four credits if they are a graduate student; maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5.

testGeneral Responsibilities
  • Report to the classroom and speak with the instructor a minimum of five minutes before the scheduled test is to begin.
  • Tell the instructor your name and inform them that you are a test proctor from Disability Services.
  • Tell the instructor the name of the student for whom you are test proctoring.
  • Verify the time allotment and location of testing.
  • Verify where to return the test and the student's answer sheet.
  • If you are reading the test, inform the student that you may read each item as many times as they wish. You may not explain or reword anything, spell words or assist in any way other than by reading the test aloud. Read each item clearly, keeping a neutral and impassive voice without being monotone.
  • If you are scribing, write exactly what the student dictates. Make no grammatical corrections.
  • At the end of the allotted time, collect the test and return to the instructor as previously arranged.
  • Note any problems encountered concerning the test reading to the Disability Services coordinator (906-227-1737, 2001 C. B. Hedgcock). Any irregularities with the testing that pertain to the professor or class should be relayed to the instructor.
  • As soon as possible, be sure to fill out a time sheet with Disability Services.