The purpose of the Task Force is to research, discuss and make recommendations for a value-added initiative (working title: Superior Edge Program) comprised of several current experiences including but not limited to leadership programs and experiences, volunteering, membership in student organizations, academic service-learning experiences, and civic engagement activities. Specifically, the task force is asked to:

  • determine which activities and experiences to include in the
    initiative. The Task Force should also recommend a process for reviewing and incorporating potential new experiences;
  • recommend a name for the initiative;
  • recommend a record-keeping system that can accommodate a large
    number of student participants. The system should be relatively
    easy to maintain, while at the same time sophisticated enough to ensure the legitimacy of the program;
  • recommend a mean(s) of assessing the quality of the student
  • recommend means of promoting participation in this program with
    potential student participants;
  • recommend ways in which the initiative can be marketed to
    potential students as a unique experience at NMU;
  • determine the level of support this program will require and
    recommend where and how it should be administered;
  • determine a time line for implementation of this program.

It is anticipated that the task force will complete its work during the 2004-2005 academic year. The task force will disband subsequent to the filing of its final report which is due no later than May 1.