Student Questions

In LibraryWho will be teaching these classes?

Northern Michigan University is committed to attracting the best faculty available, made up of professionals who are currently working or who have worked in the industry. We will be assessing both an instructor's academic preparation as well as professional experiences. NMU believes there are many loss prevention professionals working in the field at the regional, director, and vice-president level who would make excellent program instructors. This is in addition to those who have retired, have the academic qualification and want to stay active in the industry.

What is the first LPM course I should take?

You will be required to enroll in LPM 101, Principles of Asset Protection. This is a pre-requisite course for all other LPM courses in your major. You must pass this course with a "C" or better before being allowed to register for further LPM courses.

How many credits does a student need to graduate?

The bachelor in Loss Prevention Management degree requires 124 credit hours to graduate.

Do I have to take all classes through Northern Michigan University to get a degree?

You can take college courses locally; in fact, NMU encourages you to do so. However, you will need to contact NMU in advance to ensure the course you are taking meets the academic requirements for them to transfer into your degree program. You will need to take all of the retail loss prevention classes through NMU as they would be part of your major and NMU mandates that a minimum of 32 credit hours be taken through NMU before a student can graduate. This includes a minimum of 12 credits in the LPM major and a minimum of 4 credits in the minor.

What is the residency requirement?  Even though web courses are considered resident courses, students who also transfer in courses for their degree need to be aware of the residency requirements.  You will need to strategize what courses you choose to transfer in early in your degree requirements so you meet the requirements below.

Students must also meet one of the following two residency requirements:

  1. Students must be enrolled at Northern Michigan University for their last 8 credit hours preceding the awarding of their degree, or
  2. Students must complete 20 of their last 30 credits at NMU. To qualify for this option students must:
  • have a minimum NMU cumulative GPA of 2.00;
  • meet the minimum GPAs as established by their major and minor departments;
  • obtain written approval from their department head as well as the Registrar’s Office;
  • have all courses approved prior to enrollment at another institution; and
  • have processed a Guest Student Application form through the Registrar’s Office;
  • enroll in no more than 10 credits at guest institution.

A number of years ago I took some college classes. Can I transfer these credits to NMU and receive credit toward the loss prevention management degree?

As with any credit transfer, NMU would perform an audit to see if courses taken from other institutions will meet the course requirements here. To the extent that they satisfy those requirements, they would transfer into your program of study. Please note that NMU has a history of being very flexible in this regard and will work closely with each student to be sure that past educational experiences are fully considered. A transfer student would need to submit all other college credit transcripts to be evaluated when you apply to NMU.

My company currently has a continuing education program that involves tuition reimbursement. How do I know if the program at NMU will qualify?

We strongly recommend that you contact the individuals within your company who manage this process and receive approval prior to registering for NMU courses. It has been our experience that if there is a direct benefit to your existing job, many companies will reimburse their associates. Please recognize, however, that this varies greatly from company to company. If representatives within your organization need additional program information on NMU courses, contact NMU's Criminal Justice department at 906-227-2660.

Does enrollment have to be tied to company reimbursement or can I simply take classes on my own? If so, how much will the program cost and will I have to pay out-of-state tuition?

Any loss prevention professional who wishes to take online courses is welcome to do so, regardless if he or she is part of a company reimbursement program or not. Along with the initial application and orientation fees, online students are only charged tuition based on the extension-rate for courses, which is the same as in-state tuition. The "online" student does not incur any other fees that on-campus students have to pay.

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