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Before you register for your thesis credits, please follow the Procedure for Thesis Application.

The Thesis Compensation Application form is designed to establish your thesis committee and select your thesis director. Comply with the Thesis Prospectus Format and attach your prospectus to the application. Then submit the form to your thesis director who will obtain the appropriate signatures.

The Thesis Registration form cannot be completed until after you receive approval for the thesis compensation application. You can only register for CJ 599 Thesis by using the thesis registration form. Sign the form and obtain your adviser's signature. Submit the form to your thesis director for processing. You must allow approximately 5-10 business days for processing and CJ 599 will show up on your schedule. Refer to the appropriate add/drop deadlines.

Review Thesis Defense Deadlines. It is imperative that you become familiar with not only the process of completing an approved thesis prospectus, but also the time it typically takes to complete the thesis. This process is often long and tedious, and it usually takes longer than one would first think. Follow guidelines provided in the Thesis Completion Timeline. Keep in mind, these times are estimates and completion times will vary.

Thesis Guidelines The Northern Michigan University guide to the preparation of theses is available in Adobe pdf format.

Review the Thesis Guidelines to learn what the requirements are for submission of your work.

Register for CA 000 Graduation for the semester you plan to graduate, regardless if you plan to march in the commencement ceremony or not. Registering for graduation is done just like registering for other courses at MyNMU. CA 000 provides notice to the Office of Graduate Education to complete your final degree audit.

Review theses completed by NMU students:
Thesis by NMU students - provided by ProQuest
Thesis by NMU students - provided by Voyager