Profiles of our Criminal Justice Students/Faculty/Staff

The Criminal Justice department recognizes individuals for their hard work, support, and dedication to the department and the university.

Kelly ChandlerKelly Chandler shares her experiences as an instructor, taking a step in the right direction for her future. Professor and StudentLaura Zdenahalik, loss prevention major, graduating with 4.0 GPA is honored at the annual Honor's Banquet.

Professor and studentsDr. Dale Kapla, criminal justice department head, announces the 2011-2012 outstanding students Robert Sbarboro, CJ bachelor's student and Shawna Bussone, CJ master's student.

Sue YoungSue Young soon to be retired, shares her experiences at NMU after 41 years of service.

Dr. Urban with a raccoonDr. Gloria Urban spends her leisure time rehabilitating animals and releasing them back into the wild.

Professor Kevin WatersProfessor Kevin Waters joins the CJ department in bf bringing with him extensive background knowledge in the field of criminal justice.

Michael HarringtonMichael Harrington. NMU professor brings valuable experiences when joining the criminal justice department.

The CJA at Sault Ste. MarieCriminal Justice Association gets a fresh start to the school year, attracting incoming criminal justice students to the club.

Dr. Dale KaplaDr. Dale Kapla describes an interesting and rewarding road on how he became the head of the criminal justice department.

Trooper Chris MacMasterTrooper Chris MacMaster  recounts his background as a trooper, and gives students tips on doing well in class.

Shannon SmithShannon Smith, student receptionist talks about how she came to be at NMU and how her life has changed since.

Chelsea KuzmakChelsea Kuzmak, student receptionist, describes life as both a worker and a student at NMU.

Shoe impressionSteve Snowaert  teaches students techniques for investigating crimes.

DeAngelo address classJodi DeAngelo speaks to Criminal Justice students about careers in probation and parole.

StudentStudentStudentAmanda Hardy, Ian Helsel and Katherine Brown work alongside of CJ faculty as part of the freshman fellows program.

Jeff MincheffJeff Mincheff shares his adventures in teaching

Robert Napel-WardenJames Alexander-WardenRobert Napel and James Alexander, CJ graduates, appointed to the top spots at Marquette Branch Prison.

police crewAppleton Police Department's officers, employ nearly 10 percent of their force from NMU student attendees or graduates.

SA TripProfessors Hanson and Warchol travel to Kenya to meet with officials and students at Chuka University College.

KleinMike Klein, as teaching assistant, supports Professor Hanson in his CJ 213 Judicial Function class.

Tim GreeleyTimothy Greeley in his other role, "Here comes the judge." Qual DayNMU’s Police Academy is viewed by student secretary as she talks with cadets during their firearms and defense portions of training.

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