Student Receptionist Shannon Smith

Shannon SmithShannon Smith, a student secretary in the Criminal Justice department, is a small town girl who happened to find her place at Northern Michigan University. Thinking back to where she grew up, she states, “I was born and raised in Stillman Valley, a small rural town in north central Illinois. With a population around 1,100, I came to know most everyone, which is something I have learned to treasure since coming to Marquette. NMU’s student population alone is three times as many people as in my hometown, and I see more strangers than people I know, much unlike where I grew up.”

As to what brought her to Northern, she says, “Like most people answer when asked this question, I loved the outdoors and environment around Marquette. Also, with having a history of family living in Escanaba, I decided to investigate what schools were available in the Upper Peninsula and found NMU in the process.” It also helps that winter is one of her favorite seasons; there is certainly plenty of that in Marquette.

Shannon sorts filesOriginally, Shannon came in with an undeclared major, but since then she has found that pursuing a Bachelor’s in Nursing was where she was supposed to be. In her future, she aspires to get a position in a hospital, perhaps in an Emergency Department, Trauma Unit, or ICU. When asked what she hopes to do in her new job that would make a difference, she says, “I would like to ease people’s pain and help them through a difficult time when they may be tired and discouraged.”

On campus, Shannon is involved in Alpha Lambda Delta, an honor society, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. In addition to these pastimes, she has found working in the Criminal Justice department at NMU to be quite enjoyable. “The people I work with are wonderful, and I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Though life can get hectic a lot of the time between work, school, and other various commitments, in general, Shannon tries to be laid back, and she describes herself as stubborn, kind, curious, loving, and friendly. In her own words, being successful does not necessarily mean landing a high-paying job, but rather success “would be having a loving family, blood-related or not, and living a life that will help others and serve God.”


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