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Admission to the Office of Graduate Education does not imply admission to candidacy for a graduate degree in a specific program.  The additional criminal justice requirements and procedures for admission to candidacy are described below.  We do not require the GRE for admission.

Admission to the Office of Graduate Education is granted in one of the following categories based on the qualifications and educational objectives of the applicant. Eligibility for enrollment is based solely on the applicant’s academic qualifications without regard to gender, race, marital status, color, age, religion, handicap or national origin.

1.  Regular Degree Admission is granted to the student who wishes to pursue a master’s degree and who has a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum undergraduate grade-point average of 3.0 (A=4.0). For regular admission, a student must meet all of the admission requirements of the Office of Graduate Education, as well as any additional requirements for the program of their choice.

2.  Conditional Admission may be authorized, based upon a recommendation from the department or by the Dean of Graduate Education, for students who do not meet the requirements of regular admission. Conditional admission can be granted to students in their final semester or session of enrollment in an undergraduate program if the academic record is satisfactory, based on the final transcript sent by the student. The conditions for regular admission are recorded on the letter of admission that is sent to the applicant. Students who fail to meet the conditions of their admission by the completion of 12 semester hours of graduate credit are denied further registration. The determining factors for the conditions of admission are the responsibility of the assigned adviser with the endorsement of the appropriate department head and the Dean of Graduate Education. Students will not be granted regular admission status until all the requirements and conditions for regular admission have been met.

Application Materials:

Submit the following documents to be admitted to the College of Gradate Education:

Submit the additional documents to be admitted to the Criminal Justice Master's degree program:

  1. Application to the CJ Master's Program:  Download the CJ Application from our Forms tab located at the top of this page and search under the section “master’s program forms."
  2. Essays - Each of the essays indicated on the CJ Application should be should be typed using standard margins with twelve-point font (two-three pages in length). Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax are critical considerations and will be viewed as such.
    1. First Essay - Graduate education can be a gratifying experience for students who are prepared for the many challenges associated with self-discovery, learning and preparation. A student's ability to communicate in writing is an important and necessary prerequisite skill. To evaluate your communication skills in this area, please submit with this application, an essay that integrates responses to the following questions: Why are you interested in pursuing a graduate degree in criminal justice? Discuss some of your thoughts on graduate education. In what ways do you suspect that it will differ from your undergraduate experience? From your perspective, discuss the student's role and some of the more important responsibilities associated with being a graduate student. Why is “preparation” and “participation” so important?
    2. Second Essay - Prepare an essay explaining your views (pro or con) on any one of the following topics:

                          - the utility of capital punishment as a deterrent to crime
                          - the value of marijuana legalization
                          - the seriousness of the threat of terrorism to the United States
                          - the need for stricter gun control measures, or
                          - the extent of police corruption.

3.  Two Recommendations for Graduate Program. Undergraduate faculty who are familiar with the applicant’s academic ability should fill out these forms. In certain circumstances, one recommendation can be from the candidate’s professional employer.

Send all application materials to Graduate Education, Northern Michigan University, 1401 Presque Isle Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855.