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Matthew Friddle

Matthew FriddleAdjunct Instructor
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I find the value of going back to school to be incredible.  I was in the workforce for about seven years before making the decision to go back to school and get my MBA.  I sat on the fence for over a year thinking about it.  I am so glad that I did so.  The additional experience that I gained in my classes is incredible!  That says nothing of the value that the degree itself brings me.  The decision to go back to school was one of the best of my life!  Even with balancing a full-time job and three kids it was well worth the effort.

 A degree in Loss Prevention is incredibly beneficial.  The ability to protect and recover a company’s assets against loss is of incredible value and will continue to be of value in our ever growing global economy.  The LP agent of the future will need all of the tools and knowledge they can get as the industry moves well beyond simply apprehending shoplifters.

I obtained my BA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  During this time I was working as a part-time customer service associate for Lowe's Home Improvement.  Once I graduated I was offered a position as a Loss Prevention Specialist with Lowe's at one of their locations.  After about a year and a half in this position I had the opportunity to promote to a Loss Prevention Manager and transfer to another location that was a new store opening.  After less than a year at this location I transferred again to the largest sales volume store in the state of AR as a Loss Prevention Manager.  I spent 5 years at this location, achieving inventory and safety goals every year.  In June 2011 I was offered a position with Wal-Mart at their Home Office in the Asset Protection Recovery department as a senior coordinator on their Civil & Restitution Recovery team.  After 7 months in this position the opportunity opened for the manager of this team to which I was able to apply and was offered the position.  I have managed Wal-Mart's Civil & Restitution Recovery team since February 2012.  I completed my MBA with a concentration in Security Management in February 2013.