Inside-Out Prison Exchange '13

CJ 495 Special Topics: Inside-Out Prison Exchange

4 Credits

What is it?

This community-based course, taught in a local correctional facility, brings university students and incarcerated students together to study as peers.  Together students explore issues of crime and justice, drawing on one another to create a deeper understanding of how these issues affect our lives as individuals and as a society.  The course creates a dynamic partnership between NMU and a correctional facility to allow students to question approaches to issues of crime and justice in order to build a safer and more just society for all.

The course encourages outside students (NMU) to contextualize and to think deeply about what they have learned about crime and criminals and to help them pursue the work of creating a restorative criminal justice system; it challenges inside students to place their life experiences into larger social contexts and to rekindle their intellectual self-confidence and interest in further education.

When is it?

Winter 2014 Semester

Tuesdays 5:30-8:40 p.m.


Application Deadline: 10/30/13



Michael Harrington
116 Gries Hall

Additional Resources:

Inside-Out Prison Exchange: Flyer

Inside-Out Prison Exchange: Application

Need more information? Visit the International Headquarters of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program website.