Police Academy Prep Course

Prepare for the physical challenges of the police academy

If you plan to attend the police academy next summer, enroll in HP 295A, #82286, 1 credit,  to prepare yourself to pass the MCOLES Physical Fitness Assessment test.

The main purpose is to assist students with any physical tests they need to take for employment or entry into the academy.  Review the course syllabus below. Then go to My.nmu.edu to register.


Northern Michigan University

 School of Health and Human Performance

HP295A MCOLES Physical Fitness Assessment Preparation

Course Syllabus

Instructor:                 Jesse L. Wernholm (N.M.U. Public Safety) 
Phone:                      227-2151
E-Mail:                       jwernhol@nmu.edu      
Date/Time:               Tuesday & Thursday 8:00a.m. – 9:50a.m.  
Classroom:              P.E.I.F.  160 
Office hours:            By Appointment

Course Objectives:  The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, in keeping with the philosophy “Fit for Duty – Fit for Life,” has established the Health and Wellness and Physical Fitness Training program within Basic Police training.  The MCOLES Physical Fitness Assessment will ensure that basic training graduates have attained a level of fitness appropriate for job performance capability and longevity.  By law, no person shall be employed as a law enforcement officer unless they fully comply with MCOLES Physical Fitness standards.

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Proper Training technique
  • Health and Nutrition

The four events and their respective areas of fitness measured are:

  • Vertical Jump                                   Lower Body Strength
  • Sit-ups                                              Core Body Strength
  • Push-ups                                         Upper Body Strength
  • One-half mile shuttle run             Cardio-respiratory Fitness


Attendance:  45%                  Class Participation:  45%                Quiz:  10%                                                                                                                      

Grading scale:

A   92 – 100%                  B   78 – 81%                       C    68 – 71%                        D   58 – 61%

A- 85 – 91%                     B- 75 – 77%                        C- 65 – 67%                         D- 55 – 57%

B+ 82 – 84%                   C+ 72 – 74%                       D+ 62 – 64%                        F <55%

Rules for Health Promotion (H.P.) classes:

  1. If you arrive more than 10 minutes after the start of class, or leave before the class is over, you will be marked absent for that class.
  2. Please wear clothing appropriate for this activity.
  3. You are here to learn new skills that may be a favorite lifetime activity.  Your instructor understands that you are not an accomplished athlete with well-established skills in this activity.  However your instructor will expect a high level of participation and determination on your part to learn these new skills.  Your instructor will apply both subjective and objective criteria when judging your level of achievement. 
  4. Students are not to cause disturbance in the classroom.

NOTE:  If you have a need for disability-related accommodations or services, please inform the Coordinator of Disability Services in the Disability Services Office at 2001 Hedgcock (227-1700; TTY 227-1543).  Reasonable and effective accommodations and services will be provided to students if requests are made in a timely manner, with appropriate documentation, in accordance with federal, state and university guidelines.

Class Schedule:  (Subject to change)

Week 1:                   Introduction, Course outline and Expectations
Week 2:                   Proper training technique /Initial Assessment
Week 3:                   Weight conditioning
Week 4:                   Health and Nutrition /Cardio-respiratory training
Week 5:                   Guest speakers (T.B.A.) / Quiz / Assessment
Week 6:                   Review
Week 7:                   Final Assessment / Evaluations