Cynthia Pouliot, graduate assistant

Cynthia Pouliot


Adjunct Instrucotr
Phone: Unlisted
Office: Off campus


Cynthia is currently seeking her Masters of Science Degree in Criminal Justice here at Northern Michigan University. She holds two associate degrees from Bay de Noc Community College; receiving her first Associates of Arts degree  in Psychology and then a second Associates of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Her Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice was obtained through Lake Superior State University where she graduated magna cum laude.

As a former AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Vista volunteer she has gained experience in community program design and implementation. Cynthia was employed by the Delta County Sheriff’s Department as a Trustee Supervisor for twelve years. During this time she had earned her certificate in mediation from the State Court Administrative Office of Michigan, and has gained many credentials for her attendance at assemblies such as, “The Aftermath of Trauma and Tragedy: Dealing with Crime, Suicide and Grief Conference.”

As an untraditional student and single mother of three, she has always felt a deep sense of social responsibility and has served on many directorial boards, volunteering her time to numerous community and criminal justice programs such as the “Victims Impact Panel” and the “UPCAPP Criminal Justice Mediation Program.”

Cynthia resides in Escanaba Michigan with her two high school aged children, Josephine and Jonathon. Her eldest son James, who has adopted her adventurous nature and love for education, has ventured into Europe to continue his studies in psychology as he writes his first novel.  Besides enjoying time spent with her own teenagers, Cynthia spends the summer months outdoors with the neighborhood children, working diligently in her flower and water gardens while cultivating a love for nature. She plans to continue her education in criminal justice, and hopes to someday receive her doctorate.