CJA:  Schedule of Activities

Meetings:  President Kelsey Sipple will send emails detailing the date, time, and location of meetings to those on the CJA mailing list. watch your NMU e-mail.  If you are interested in coming to our meetings, please e-mail Kelsey (ksipple@nmu.edu) and request to be put on the CJA mailing list.

Check out the CJA calendar to see what is planned for this semester!  Just scroll through the months.

  • Tutoring: We will be tutoring at the elementary school at K.I. Sawyer throughout various times this semester. Please check in later to get more information.
  • Teaching Family Homes: Also, the CJA is volunteering at Teaching Family Homes, which is a place where underprivileged children can look up to role models and increase their opportunities for the future.

Whether you can only volunteer your time for an hour every other week or for several hours a week, you must be committed to giving your time. There will be more information to follow, and if interested, please contact Kelsey Sipple.

View our past events, to see how you can get involved with the Criminal Justice Association!

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