PresentationWhat Does it Take to Become a Loss Prevention Agent?


If you wish to become a part of a fast-growing, modern retail industry that saves its company money, then perhaps working in Loss Prevention Management would be right for you. In this career, you are able to use your investigative skills to apprehend criminals that shoplift.  Or, you can investigate employees who steal merchandise or embezzle funds from corporations. Although shoplifting is a major part of company loss, employee theft accounts for more than 50% of shrinkage. 

Qualifications: Most major corporations prefer employees to have a bachelor’s degree in Loss Prevention Management (LPM).  However, there is also the opportunity to enter the field with a lesser degree perhaps as a security guard. If you have both prior experience as a security officer and a degree in LPM, this could give you the edge over others in this exciting, yet rewarding career. Employers are looking for someone who has keen investigative skills, someone who is ethical, and has technological skills. Professionals in the field must able to pass a background and credit check.

Duties and Responsibilities: As a LPM agent, you will be responsible for protecting your company and keeping the criminals at bay. You must always be on alert. You might have the opportunity to work with high-tech equipment, watching for discrete signs of an experienced shoplifter, or you could investigate corrupt employees that have cheated the system. You can work your way up the ladder to supervising LP agents and being in charge of a large number of stores in your district.

Co-workers TalkingSalary and Work Conditions: In this lucrative career, the median pay is $73,694, with wages reaching $100,000 for some positions. The environment in which you work may vary. Perhaps one day you will be out on the floor, catching thieves in the act. On the other hand, another day you could use your mathematical skills to discover why the finances simply do not add up. Your skills to investigate will play an integral part of your job and will give you satisfaction when you finally solve the crime. In this thrilling career of Loss Prevention Management, you can be certain that you will become a critical element in your company.

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