Have you ever been interested in figuring out why someone committed a crime?  Would you describe yourself as hardworking, a problem solver and an analytical thinker? Are you interested in helping society and preventing crime?  If so, a career as a criminologist may be the right job for you.

Criminologists study the nature, extent, social and psychological conditions that cause crime including the criminals themselves, and methods of rehabilitation. Criminalistics develop scientific ways relying on quantitative methods to detect and solve crime.  All criminologists work toward the same ends: to ensure that laws are just and practical, to protect society, and to help criminals reenter society as useful citizens.

Requirements: Before entering the field of criminology, criminologists must have a bachelor’s degree. This can be in several different majors besides criminology, such as criminal justice, sociology or psychology. These majors allow criminologists to better understand human nature and their actions. Advanced degrees, such as obtaining your master’s degree in behavior science are required in order to climb the ladder professionally in the field of criminology. In most cases after being hired, most criminologists will need to go through both a criminal background and security check along with most states expecting criminologists to pass a licensure exam before beginning work.

CriminologistDuties: Criminologists can have a range of different jobs and duties. They can become police officers, FBI agents, state medical examiners, professors or consultants in investigations. For example, criminologists working on crime scenes are present at the scene and at autopsies, to gain more evidence and information about the crime. They analyze the cause of why a crime occurred and how the community relates to the crime. In the process they collect data, report proofing, catalogue information about the possible causes of the crime all to help figure out why this happened and to develop crime prevention strategies.

Salary: Since there are so many jobs in the criminology field yearly pay ranges anywhere starting from approximately $29,000 to $40,000. As criminologists gain more work experience, their pay increases to about $41,000 to $49,000 yearly. With experience and if you’re employed in a state or local government agency, the salary range is about $31,000 to $41,000, whereas criminologists providing their services to the federal government receive a yearly salary of about $43,000 to $61,000.

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