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Looking for a career in criminal justice but not sure what it entails or if you are well suited for it.  Take a look at some of these career options to gain an idea of the qualifications, duties and what you might experience in a typical day on the job.   

Then meet with your adviser to discuss it in more detail. Also, talk with someone actually working in the field to get their perceptions and ideas to help increase your potential for employment. The more opinions, the better your understanding will be of the career and if it is something that you want to pursue.

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 helicopter Border Patrol Agents prevent the entrance of unauthorized drugs or terrorists into the United States. They are responsible for monitoring the countless miles of US borders from illegal incoming immigrants. 

Conservation Officers  Observing and checking hunters, enforcing regulations on the use of snowmobiles, locating lost hunters, providing emergency medical assistance, and enforcing laws that protect the environment are just some of the required job responsibilities.

Crime Scene Investigators  meticulously examining the scene of a crime by means of taking measurements and photographing and collecting evidence that can be used to identify the culprit.

Criminologists study the nature, extent, social and psychological conditions that cause crime including the criminals themselves, and methods of rehabilitation. They develop scientific ways relying on quantitative methods to detect and solve crime.

Corrections Officers supervise and partake in the custody, security, and treatment of prisoners’ in correctional facilities. They attempt to modify prisoners’ attitudes and behavior through one-to-one group interaction and tempt to obtain prisoners’ compliance with facility rules and regulations.

FBI agentsAs a FBI Agent, you will monitor and enforce national security. Tasks may include matters of terrorism, cybercrime, organized crime, white-collar crime, public corruption, civil rights, bribery, bank robbery, kidnapping, air piracy, and fugitive and drug-trafficking

Loss Prevention Agents  use investigative skills to apprehend criminals that shoplift.  Or, they investigate employees who steal merchandise or embezzle funds from corporations.

Paralegals working together A Paralegal assists  lawyers by researching laws and rulings pertaining to a case, organizing and preparing documents for a trial, and locating witnesses.  However, unlike a lawyer, a paralegal is not able to give advice on legal matters or present a case in court.

Probation officer with client Probation and Parole Officers share the same common goal: protect the public. Probation officers oversee adult and juvenile offenders for a fixed period of time who have been convicted but instead of serving time in a correctional facility, they receive a suspended sentence. Parole officers supervise adult and juvenile offenders who have spent part of their time in a correctional facility. They help people on parole to establish a crime-free life outside of the correctional facility.

State Troopers  patrol highways statewide, having the ability to cross county boundaries, to enforce motor vehicle laws and regulations. In times of emergency, they direct traffic, organize first aid help analyze the cause of these situations.

Secret Service Special Agent  the United States Secret Service is one of the most elite law enforcement agencies in the world. The dual mission of investigations and protection is what distinguishes the U.S. Secret Service from all other law enforcement organizations.

TSA agentTSA Agent making it possible for individuals to arrive safely at their destinations by protecting the transportation systems we rely on every day. Whether this means looking for bombs, inspecting airplanes, or checking baggage, keeping individuals safe is the number one priority.

U.S. Marshall In this action-packed career, there are many duties to be done, such as transporting prisoners, seizing contraband, and other special missions that may be assigned to you. U.S. Marshal Service is responsible for apprehending more than half of the federal fugitives.