Internship Qualifications

To qualify for a criminal justice internship, you must:

  • Be a criminal justice major or minor pursuing a bachelor's degree.
  • Complete the following classes: 
    • CJ 110 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • Eight additional CJ credits
  • Have at least a 2.7 overall grade point average.
  • Apply for a criminal justice internship.
  • Attain permission of internship coordinator, who will register you for the appropriate credits (4-16) of CJ 491 - Internship.
  • Internship credits are considered general elective credits. They do not apply toward the criminal justice major or minor.
  • Work 40 hours per credit of CJ 491.

Prior to beginning work at your internship agency you must:

1. Have a singed agency affiliation agreement returned to the internship coordinator.

2. Be registered for CJ 491