ShulerJohn Shuler lectures on organized crime and identity theft

John Shuler visited NMU in March 2009 and presented lectures on organized crime and identity theft to several criminal justice and business classes. In addition he presented a program for the downtown merchants sponsored by the Downtown Development Authority. John also made a public presentation jointly sponsored by the College of Business.

He is an investigator for Target Corporation's Investigations Team (based out of Metro Detroit). In his position, John is responsible for investigating organized crime as it relates to theft and fraud. John has been with Target for fourteen years and has been with the Investigations Team for 9 years. He is a member of the Detroit Metro Identity Theft Task Force, a federal task force focusing on organized identity theft. John is also the active vice president of the Michigan Chapter of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators. 

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(Mr. Shuler speaks to criminal justice classes and university officials)


(Mr. Shuler speaks to Downtown Development Authority)

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