Organizational Chart


Dr. David Haynes-Interim

Ms. Theresa Nease
Executive  Assistant

Ms. Laura Glover
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Marlina Martinez
Administrative Assistant

PROVOST for Academic Affairs:
    Dr. Paul Lang

Ms. Linda Hares
Administrative Assistant-Academic Affairs

Ms. Debbie Violetta
Administrative Assistant- Academic Personal Services

ASSOCIATE PROVOST for Student Services:
    Dr. Bill Bernard

Ms. Keri Mohr
Principal Secretary II

DEAN of the College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies:
    Dr. Harvey Wallace (Interim)

Ms. Kathy Maki
Principal Secretary II

DEPARTMENT HEAD: Dr. Charles Mesloh

Ms. Diana K. Waters
Principal Secretary


Professor Robert Hanson  (LPM Coordinator)
Dr. Michael Harrington
Dr. Gloria Urban
Dr. Gregory Warchol
Dr. Kevin Waters


Tanner Sheppard