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Dr. Dale Kapla

Education: Ph.D. in Political Science (Public Policy) - West Virginia University in May of 2005; Master of Public Administration (MPA) - Northern Michigan University in May of 2001. Bachelor of Science (Justice Studies and Security Administration) - Northern Michigan University in December of 1990

Before pursing his doctorate, Dr. Kapla was employed in Marquette County for 12 years as a law enforcement officer, including four and a half years for the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department and seven and one half years at the Marquette Police Department. In addition to duties as a deputy sheriff, he was a certified marine deputy, which consisted of conducting livery inspections and enforcing marine laws and ordinances.

Dr. Kapla was also a member of the search and rescue team, K-9 deputy, underwater rescue diver and a boating and snowmobile safety instructor. While at the Marquette Police Department, he served two years as the community policing coordinator, supervised the department’s bicycle patrol and implemented a physical fitness test specifically for bicycle officers. He was a member of the police dive team, and utilized his K-9 for underwater search and recovery operations. He completed his Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree at NMU, and was promoted to the rank of corporal and served as one of three field training officers. He also served as president of the police union for two years, and was a member of numerous labor-management committees.  

During his doctoral studies at West Virginia University, Dr. Kapla was a graduate teaching assistant in the Political Science Department and taught public administration and criminal law policy and administration courses. He received the outstanding graduate student award and two outstanding graduate teaching assistant awards. He received his doctorate in political science-public policy from West Virginia University. Prior to returning to NMU as a faculty member, he taught full-time for one year in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. His research interests include police chief and sheriff leadership style, and the dynamics of public agency behavior. 

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