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Do trade associations such as the National Retail Federation support this program?

Prior to launching this new bachelor of science degree program, NMU reached out to numerous trade organizations to ensure they would support this initiative. The first trade organization contacted was the National Retail Federation where the program concept was reviewed with Joe LaRocca (vice president of loss prevention) and Karen Knobloch (senior vice president member service). During this meeting, it was recommended that the concept be reviewed with the National Retail Federation Advisory Council at its annual meeting. The council unanimously agreed to support the initiative. Since that time, an oversight board was formed by NMU, which included 15 members, some of whom serve on the National Retail Federation Loss Prevention Advisory Council. The goal of the oversight board was to assist NMU in course development. There are other members on the board who represent member companies of other trade organizations as well.

Who will be teaching these classes and how will I know if they are qualified to do so?

Northern Michigan University is dedicated to attracting the best faculty available, made up of professionals who are currently working or who have worked in the industry. We will be assessing both an instructor’s academic preparation as well as professional experiences. NMU believes there are many loss prevention professionals working in the field at the regional, director and vice president level who would make excellent program instructors. This is in addition to those who have retired, have the academic qualifications and want to stay active in the industry. 

How many credits does a student need to graduate?

This four-year bachelor’s degree requires 124 credit hours to graduate. 

My company currently has a continuing education program that involves tuition reimbursement.  How do I know if the program at NMU will qualify?

We strongly recommend that you contact the individuals within your organization who manage this process and receive approval prior to having students register for NMU courses. It has been our experience that if there is a direct benefit to the existing job, many companies will reimburse their associates. If representatives within your organization need additional program information on NMU courses, contact NMU's Criminal Justice department at 906-227-2660.

What is the cost?

Along with the initial application and orientation fees, online students are only charged the extention-rate for courses. The "online" student does not incur any other fees that other on-campus students have to pay.

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