Order Your Textbooks

Lady on BooksIn addition to what will be stated in the course syllabus, you can make a preliminary visit to the NMU Bookstore to find out what texts have been ordered for a particular course.

NOTE: Textbooks are subject to change each semester. It is advised that you read the course syllabus before purchasing books. Also keep your receipts in case you need to return any books.

You can elect to purchase your texts from any vendor. Textbooks purchased at NMU's Bookstore can be sold back at the end of the semester if the texts are being used the following semester.

It takes approximately 3-4 business days for books to be shipped if in the U.P. and 7-10 business days if outside the U.P. Express delivery costs extra.

Charge your books to your student account: NMU Bookstore is proud to offer this service. All valid, registered students in good financial standing will be able to charge their textbooks to their NMU student account! What could be easier? Just select your textbooks and say "charge it" to the cashier. No more waiting for overage checks or using your high interest credit cards. Here are the rules:

  • $500 limit per semester
  • registered students must be in good financial standing
  • must show two forms of ID
  • student must pay within 30 days to their student account (or set up a payment plan)
  • no cash refunds
  • for online students, two forms of ID not needed, just insert your NMU IN # when ordering your books