In LibraryAdvising for Graduate Students

Consult your adviser, if needed, prior to registering for courses because certain courses are only offered in specific semesters. Then, select additional core and elective courses that are being offered in the upcoming semester.  The following guidelines are provided (in alphabetical order for ease of reference) to assist you. 

  • Adviser: Find who your adviser is so he/she can assist you with the advising and registration process.
  • Adviser meeting: Find your adviser contact information and set up an appointment so he/she can assist you with the advising and registration process.
  • Drop class? If you are not doing well in a course and are contemplating dropping the course to avoid a failing grade, now is the time to make a decision. Refer to the add/drop schedule to see what is the last day to receive a "w" grade.
  • Graduating?: If you plan to graduate in a particular semester, you must follow the thesis procedures below to be sure you have completed the necessary forms and prospectus before you register for the official graduation course CA 000.
    • Registering for CA 000 will notify the Degree Audit office to review your credentials and to ensure they receive the appropriate documentation that you have defended your thesis.
    • You must register for CA 000 regardless if you do or do not march in the graduation ceremony.
    • You must register for graduation within the first four days of the semester. You can do this by going to MyNMU and registering for it like any other course.
  • Plan of study: After you complete 12 graduate credits, you are required to complete your Plan of Study form. Submit the form to the Criminal Justice department for approval. It is recommended that you use the interactive form and save it to your computer. Keep it updated on a regular basis and provide it to your adviser when discussing your degree requirements.
  • Registering for courses: In preparation for registering for courses, work out a tentative list of courses you would like to take. Refer to the normal sequence of core course offerings for Master in Criminal Justice degree.  Then check the current course offerings at MyNMU
  • Registration date/time: Your registration date/time for classes is based on the number of credits you have completed to date (this does not include the courses which you are currently enrolled). 
  • Thesis procedures: As you near the completion of your coursework, start reviewing the Thesis guidelines to ensure you allow yourself ample time to submit the necessary forms to establish your thesis committee and be registered for your thesis credits.
    • Thesis committee: In preparation for your thesis, start thinking about who you want to serve on your thesis committee. Three members are required for your committee; two must be from the Criminal Justice department and one can be from another department. Only faculty who have graduate faculty status will be eligible to serve on your graduate committee. Then initiate the Thesis Compensation Application form the semester prior to the semester you want to enroll in your thesis course. The Thesis Compensation Application form establishes the members of your thesis committee. Your thesis prospectus must accompany this form in order to finalize the thesis committee.
    • Thesis completion timeline: Closely review the Thesis Completion Timeline which also outlines the steps necessary to develop your thesis prospectus.
    • Thesis registration: Once your thesis prospectus is approved you can register for CJ 599 (1-4 credits). If you think you will complete your thesis in the same semester you register for it, select 4 credits. If you think you will need 2 semesters to complete it chose 2 credits the first semester and 2 credits the second semester. If you register for 4 credits of thesis and do not complete it in the same semester, you will need to register for 1 credit GD 593 Continuance Credit the following semester in order to graduate.
  • Tuition and pees/payments: Be sure to check your e-bill after you have registered for your courses. Then, pay your tuition bill before the due deadline  to ensure your classes are not dropped.