Meet Our NMU Counselors and Staff

Counseling and Consultation Services staff members share the philosophy that counseling is a valuable tool for students to come to grips with their emotions, to cope with troubling current situations, to empower themselves, and to facilitate healthy choice making and growth for the future. This philosophy requires that both the counselor and the client (our name for the students who use our service) work hard to find out what the client's goals are, to see how counseling might help the client to reach those goals, and to develop a plan together. This collaborative work with your counselor is at the heart of all good counseling relationships.

Ed Michaels, Ph.D

Ed has over 35 years of experience as a licensed clinical psychologist, mental health administrator, and professor at several major universities and hospital settings. After completing his clinical psychology internship at the University of Tennessee Center for the health Sciences, Dr. Michaels has held faculty positions at Northwestern University, University of Toledo, DePaul University, Children's Memorial Medical Center, and Northwestern University Medical School. For 12 years as a member of the psychology faculty at children's Memorial Medical Center, he taught and supervised psychology interns in a child clinical psychology internship program ranked in the top three in the nation. He has developed visionary models promoting innovative approaches in children's mental health that have been acclaimed by leadership in the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health. Dr. Michaels provides behavioral health counseling and administrative coordination.

Mary Etchison, Ph.D.

Mary is originally from Rhode Island and has her Ph.D. in counseling education and counseling from Idaho State University. She began working at Northern Michigan University in 1986 as an assistant dean of minority student services. She joined the Counseling Center staff after completing her master's degree in agency counseling in 1989. Some of her special interests include personal growth counseling, ethnic and cultural identity development, relationship counseling, career counseling and group work.

Cathy Greer Cole, L.M.S.W

Cathy is originally from Marquette. She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology and social work from the University of New Hampshire in 1984 and received her masters in social work from Smith College School of Social Work in Massachusetts in 1989. Cathy has worked with a wide variety of populations in various treatment settings from experiential wilderness-based therapies to psychiatric inpatient and outpatient clinics. She worked for 10 years for Community Mental Health in Colorado as a child and family specialist and psychotherapist before returning to Marquette in 2000. Cathy worked as a mental health consultant and private practitioner in Marquette prior to joining our counseling staff full time in 2006. Cathy provides personal growth counseling in both individual and group modalities.

Monica Nordeen, L.M.S.W.

Monica is a licensed Master Social Worker with over seventeen years post master’s experience with specialized training in mental health, substance abuse, and trauma treatment. Monica received her Master of Social Work degree from Michigan State University. She worked eleven years at Pathways Community Mental health providing specialized mental health services to clients with severe mental illness and developmental disabilities. Monica has participated in additional training and is nationally certified in Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In addition, she has provided educational presentations for various community organizations and has been a guest speaker in courses taught here at NMU.

Jean Kupper, L.M.S.W., C.A.A.D.C.

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Assistant Professor
Jean, a resident of Marquette, earned his undergraduate degree from Roanoke College and his masters degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has 24 years post master training in mental health services as a licensed clinical social worker and in 2009 was endorsed as an internationally certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor. He began working at Northern Michigan University in the fall of 2002 as adjunct faculty teaching in the Social Work Department. He joined the Counseling Center at NMU in the fall of 2014 after 9 years of working on the specialized unit of Assertive Community Treatment for Marquette's community mental health center providing intensive and emergency psychiatric services. He as well was the Field Liaison Faculty member for Michigan University Graduate School of Social Work. In addition, he has worked with a wide variety of populations in various treatment settings including community based, psychiatric inpatient, state and private, and outpatient direct care and clinical supervision.

Brenda Bickler

Brenda has been employed at the University since the fall of 2011. She joined the Counseling & Consultation Services staff in January of 2013. Brenda earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has held various Office Management positions in the corporate world before coming to NMU. Brenda enjoys helping students, faculty, and staff. Her hobbies are cooking, camping, and reading and she resides in Marquette with her husband and two sons.