A3 Problem Solving


January, 2013. Learn the tools necessary to tackle the problems that arise at your organization.  This 12-hour program is designed to give you hands-on experience utilizing a structured problem solving process based on A3 thinking and the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology.

Without fully understanding the cause of what is happening in a situation, an organization will not have control in its processes.  What may seem like small problems today can add up to become big problems in the future.  Problem solving skills empower employees in an organization to be able to 1) identify root causes of problems as well as their contributing factors and 2) apply a structured approach to create, evaluate, and sustain countermeasures to those problems.

A3 Problem Solving Training is designed for employees who are expected to participate in their organization’s problem solving activities or lead a problem solving team. 

Key Objectives
• Defining a Problem
• Causes vs. Symptoms
• Plan-Do-Check-Act Thinking and A3’s
• Listening Skills “Go-See Observation”
• Root Cause Analysis Tools
• Containment Actions
• Forming and Evaluating Countermeasures
• Creating an Action Plan
• Facilitating a Check Meeting
• Sustaining Countermeasures

Locations and Dates
NMU Jacobetti Complex, room 124
Tuesday, Jan. 29 from 8 am - 5 pm
Wednesday, Jan. 30 from 8 am - 12 noon
$595 per person