2014 Transportation Supervisors’ Continuing Education Program

“Managing in a Dynamic and Highly Structured Environment”


Instructions to enroll in the 2014 Supervisor On-line Course (this is part 1 of the 2014 Transportation Supervisor CE Program. Course timeline 3 hours)

  1. On your web browser type in (Suggestion: Create a Bookmark for this web page and title it: “Cont Ed Sup Training”. This will be a time save as you as you enter and exit program at your convenience)
  2. If you need to Create a new account, click on “New User” button
  3. Use drop down window and select, “TAAM”
  4. Use Access Code, TAAM1234
  5. Enter your user ID (which is the number located on the lower right of your Supervisor card).
  6. Complete user account form with your personal information.
  7. Click on: “Create New User” button
  8. Accept terms
  9. Enroll in course by clicking on “enroll button on the left side of the page.
  10. Use access code TAAM1234
  11. Go to “My Courses” on top of the page.
  12. Click on: Transportation Supervisors
  13. Click on: Supervisor_CEP_1

Student Manual - Part I

Student Manual - Part II