2017 Motorcycle Safety

2017 Motorcycle Training Season.

Courses are complete for the 2017 season.

Online Registration for the 2018 Season will begin on March 1, 2018. This is a new program!  Read all the Information BEFORE registering!!

Northern Michigan University is one of 13 state sponsored regional training agencies providing the Michigan Rider Education Program (Mi-REP) that is funded through a grant from the Michigan Department of State. NMU offers classes in six locations throughout the west/central Upper Peninsula. With the popularity of motorcycle riding on the increase statewide and across the country this program offers riders of all skill levels some of the most comprehensive training available anywhere. All of our instructors are MSF certified rider coaches in addition to being experienced avid riders.

MICHIGAN HELMET LAW does not apply to the Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program. All students and RiderCoaches are required to wear protective clothing, including a helmet, while participating in the program. Key points.

If any questions please contact us at (906) 227-2103, or email us at conteduc@nmu.edu. facebook-like.jpg us on Facebook

Please read the following links prior to registration

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  3. Waiver Form
  4. How To Register

Motorcycle Safety Courses

BRC Web Enhanced Course (Basic Rider Course) NEW COURSE - PLEASE READ!!

Who should take the BRC.

New riders with little or no experience seeking a license endorsement.
• Riders who have twice failed the SOS third party skills test.
• Experienced riders who have never had formal training and want to update their skills.

Frequently Asked Questions - PLEASE READ!
eCourse Instructions
System requirements

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The RRBRC (Returning Rider Basic Rider Course details)

Michigan residents only!

This one day course is designed for the experienced but unlicensed rider to become licensed and legal. The RRBRC is not intended for new riders with little or no riding experience. Many experienced, licensed riders use this course as a refresher and skills tune up.
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The ARC (Advanced Rider Course details)

This one day course is designed for licensed, experienced riders to enhance their basic skills and help with personal risk assessment. Interactive classroom activities to improve perception and hazard awareness are combined with range exercises which enhance both basic skills and crash avoidance skills.
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